Inca Trail Tour Package 7 Days

Conquer the Inca Trail Tour Package in Just 7 Days: The Perfect Adventure for Families and Altitude-challenged Travelers!

Incredible Inca Trail Trekking!

From/to: Hotel to Hotel
$ US$ 890
  • Guaranty Departure
  • Small Group
  • All-inclusive


7 Days /6 Nights


Moderate to Challenging


Camping tents / 3-star Category Hotel

Tour Language

English, Spanish

Important Details About 7-Day Inca Trail Tour

Video About 7-Day Inca Trail Tour

Experience the thrill of journeying through the majestic Andean mountains with our 7-Day Inca Trail Tour, expertly curated by SPT Travel & Tours. This exhilarating trek combines breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and cultural exploration, culminating in the world-renowned archaeological wonder, Machu Picchu. Uncover the mysteries of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Inca civilization.

Additional Information About 7-Day Inca Trail Tour

To book the Inca Trail Tour, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit our official website and navigate to the “Tours” section.
  2. Select “Inca Trail Tour” from the list of available tours.
    Choose your preferred date and time from the available options.
  3. Fill out the necessary information, including the number of participants.
  4. Proceed to checkout and make the payment to confirm your booking.
  5. Remember to pack appropriately for the trek, considering things like weather conditions and hiking difficulty. We look forward to guiding you through this historical and natural wonder.

The 7-day Inca Trail Tour is an unforgettable adventure that immerses you in beautiful, rugged landscapes and the rich historical tapestry of the Inca civilization. You’ll spend your days exploring ancient ruins, marveling at breathtaking mountain vistas, and trekking through lush cloud forests. Each night, you’ll camp under a vast starry sky, far removed from the distractions of modern life. The journey ends with the awe-inspiring spectacle of Machu Picchu at dawn, a sight that is worth every step of the trail. This tour is not just a hike; it’s a journey through time and nature that will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation of the world’s extraordinary cultural heritage.

The 7-day Inca Trail Tour is more than just a physical journey, it’s an emotional and spiritual experience that connects you to the land and its history. The Inca civilization may have been lost, but its legacy lives on in the majestic ruins and stunning landscapes along the trail.

The tour provides a unique blend of outdoor and comfort accommodations. Participants will have a chance to experience the thrill of camping in well-equipped tents, designed to offer a cozy and safe outdoor sleeping experience. Additionally, the tour includes stays in 3-star category hotels, ensuring a comfortable environment with all the necessary amenities. These accommodations are carefully chosen to enhance your travel experience, providing an exciting mix of adventure and comfort.Short-Inca-Trail-Hotel

If you’re planning to hike the 7-Day Inca Trail Tour, the optimal time to do so is between April to October. During these months, the weather is typically dry and sunny, significantly reducing the chances of rain. This makes for a more comfortable and safer hiking experience. Nevertheless, if solitude is what you seek, consider hiking the trail during the rainy season. During this time, the trail is largely deserted, offering a serene and uninterrupted experience of the Inca’s ancient path. However, be sure to equip yourself appropriately to handle the wet weather conditions and enjoy the trail to the fullest.

The 7-Day Inca Trail Tour offers breathtaking sights and attractions. However, it’s important to be aware of certain aspects before embarking on this journey. Here’s some key information about safety and security, code of conduct, and prohibited items:

– There are no doctors or medical centers along the 16-kilometer, so it’s crucial to follow your tour guide’s instructions and take necessary precautions.
– To ensure the safety and security of our guests, we prioritize the following measures:
– Our tour guides are highly experienced and trained for the Inca Trail.
– We provide a well-equipped First Aid kit, Oxygen tank, and satellite phones.
– The Inca Trail incorporates checkpoints and has an emergency response plan.

– It’s important to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Peruvian government.
– Respect the environment and archaeological sites by not littering or causing any damage.
– Be considerate towards fellow hikers and local residents.
– Remember to pack out all of your trash when leaving the trail.
– Most importantly, enjoy your time on the trail!

– Please note that certain items are not permitted on the 7-Day Inca Trail Tour, including:
– Animals, with the exception of guide dogs.
– Alcohol, illegal substances, firearms, knives, and other weapons.
– Explosives, flammable liquids or solids.
– Large tripods, drones, and large cameras solely for video production.
– Climbing or touching the ruins in Machu Picchu is not allowed.
– Large backpacks are also not permitted when entering Machu Picchu.

Enjoy your extraordinary journey along the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

Please note that Machu Picchu and 7-Day Inca Trail Tour permits are both nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you find yourself needing to cancel your trip for any reason, it’s important to understand that you cannot receive a refund for your ticket. Similarly, if you are unable to partake in the trek on the date your permit is valid, it is not possible to transfer your permit to another date or person. It’s therefore crucial to plan your trip carefully and be confident in your ability to attend on your scheduled date.

7-Day Inca Trail Tour FAQ

To secure a spot for the 7-Day Inca Trail Tour, we kindly ask for the following participant information:

– Full name (as it appears on your passport)
– Gender
– Passport number
– Date of birth (dd / mm / yyyy)
– Nationality

Additionally, a deposit of USD $200.00 per person is required to confirm the reservation and secure the necessary permit. The deposit can be conveniently sent via PayPal.

No changes to departure dates are possible after ticket purchase. Government regulations prohibit alterations. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. The Inca Trail Trek deposit is non-refundable.

Yes, bringing your original passport is mandatory for the Inca Trail. It is crucial that the passport number matches the one provided during the booking of your Inca Trail Permit. The rangers verify this daily, and it is also checked upon entry to Machu Picchu. Furthermore, the train company will verify your passport before allowing you to board. If you are renewing your passport, send us the old number to secure your permit, and we can update it with the new number when you receive it. Please send the new passport number at your earliest convenience.

Our Treks offers a unique adventure with small, private groups of up to 12 people. Typically, our groups range from 2 to 8 individuals. Experience the personalized service of SUNRISE PEREU TREK and embark on an unforgettable journey.

If you are unable to complete the Inca Trail Tour, Sunrise Peru Trek will provide assistance to the nearest town for transportation. We carry oxygen for respiratory issues, and in extreme cases, a helicopter pick-up can be arranged at your own expense (travel insurance required). Please note that there are no refunds in the unlikely event that you cannot finish the trek. Typically, those who need assistance are taken to Ollantaytambo, where they can recover before continuing their journey to Aguas Calientes (cost incurred by the trekker) and visiting Machu Picchu as originally planned.

The train departure time for the will depend on the train’s availability. However, the main purpose is to provide you with ample time to explore Machu Picchu and appreciate the breathtaking views during the return journey to Cusco. As a result, you will board the train at 2:55pm.

Our company offers a complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off service. Upon arrival, our dedicated airport representative will be there to greet you, holding a name card that says “Sunrise Peru Trek” with your name on it. Similarly, at the end of your trip, we will ensure you are safely dropped off at the airport. Rest assured, this convenient pick-up and drop-off service is included in your package. Experience the wonders of the Short Inca Trail with us and let us take care of the logistics.

The Inca Trail, one of the most popular trekking routes in South America, is not for the faint-hearted. Spanning 26 miles through rugged terrain and varying altitudes, this ancient trail offers a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience for adventure seekers.

To answer the question at hand – How difficult is the Inca Trail? – it can vary from moderate to challenging depending on your physical fitness and altitude tolerance.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room – altitude. The highest point on this trek is 13,776 feet at Warmiwañusqa pass. This means you will be walking at high altitudes for prolonged periods of time. For those who are not acclimatized to such conditions or have any underlying health issues related to altitude sickness, it can be quite challenging and even dangerous. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend a few days in Cusco (located at an elevation of 11,152 feet) before starting the trek to allow your body to adjust.

Moving on to physical fitness – while there are no technical climbing sections on the trail, there are many steep inclines and declines that require a good level of endurance and strength. The trail covers a total elevation gain of approximately 4,200 feet over four days with an average walking distance of six miles per day. This may not sound too daunting at first glance but when you factor in high altitude and varying weather conditions like rain or strong winds- things can get pretty tough.

Additionally,since this is a multi-day trek where you will be camping overnight along with all your gear (including food), you need to have enough stamina to carry your backpack which typically weighs around 20-25 pounds.

But don’t let these challenges discourage you! With proper preparation and training beforehand along with determination during the trek itself,you can surely conquer this incredible feat.The breathtaking views,the sense of accomplishment upon reaching Machu Picchu,and the rich cultural and historical significance of this trail make it all worth it.

Lastly, I would also like to mention that the difficulty level of the Inca Trail can vary depending on which route you choose. The classic Inca Trail is considered more challenging due to its steepness and high altitude while alternate routes like Salkantay or Lares offer a less strenuous experience with equally stunning views.

In conclusion, if you are relatively fit, have acclimatized well to high altitudes,and seek a challenging adventure – then the Inca Trail is definitely for you! But be prepared for an unforgettable journey filled with breathtaking landscapes,cultural immersion,and physical exertion. Happy trekking!