About Us

Founded by Peruvian adventurer and mountaineer Mauro Pedraza in 1999, Inca Trail Tour Operator offers high quality adventure holidays including Day walks, trekking holidays and hiking, Flexible “covid” booking and refund policy.

We are Peruvian Adventure Travel Company, specialized in carrying out trekking, hiking and mountain especially to Machu Picchu. Also, in adventure travel and exotic destinations. The Treks and activities that we propose are designed by us and you have different levels of difficulty so that you can select the one that best suits your expectations and experience. The direction of each trip is managed by experts, with experience and precise training in the development of each program. We also have a great coverage in terms of civil liability and accident insurance. When we start our tourism operations, we take responsibility for providing our customers with unique experiences, with the best quality of service, always trying to exceed their travel expectations.

Thus, Inca Trail Tour Operator assumes the commitment to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Peru and to continue working for the benefit of social and environmental projects, which we currently support, thanks to the economic income that the tourist activity allows us to. generate. We work with great enthusiasm for these projects, trying to build a better world.

Our professional team

We are a team, made up of Tourism professionals, in charge of organizing the best Adventure and Trekking experiences; This team has a factory staff in charge of sales, reservations and the organization of tourist operations. And another team in charge of personalized and direct customer service: tourist guides specializing in culture, adventure and ecotourism; drivers, assistants, cooks and porters, who provide us with their services to complete the organization of the best travel experiences for our clients.

The positive image that Inca Trail Tour Operator consolidates pushes us to be better professionals, in fact we want to continue to represent a company that has done a good job. And this, over the years, has allowed us to serve each of you, as well as public figures.

In addition, it is important to mention that part of this group of professionals worked for the Peruvian State, carrying out studies for the “Qhapaq Ñan” project, which belongs to the Ministry of Culture of Peru, whose main objective is to recover and enhance the Inca trails System, as an Alternative for the development of tourist activity that directly benefits indigenous communities. Currently, this project is being implemented in six South American countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Peru), the same that were part of the large Inca territory, called Tawantinsuyu, which had its capital in the Cusco, where our main office is located.

All of the above allows us to convey a little of the passion we feel for our culture, and the encouragement that we put into our work to organize real travel experiences, which will be the best gift for our customers.

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