Pedraza Mauro- Managing Director

Pedraza Mauro’s more than two decade long experience in operational and executive management in Peru Tourism makes him a credible figure in Peru Holiday sector specialized in Inca Trail Trekking to Machu Picchu. Having entry in the Machu Picchu Tourism as a beginner, his hardworking attribute and visionary ideas have promoted him to this status and hence he can put himself in anyone’s shoes catering services to the travelers across Cusco region and through Peru.

Emerging tourism entrepreneur of Peru, Mr. Mauro is the executive member of Trekking Agencies Association of Cusco Peru. Having pleasant personality and great leadership skills, Mr. Mauro prioritizes client’s safety while operating tours and treks across the Andes to Machu Picchu and through Peru. As the Managing Director of the company he believes in catering quality services and does everything and sometimes goes out of the box to cater the best services to the clients of “Sunrise Peru Trek”

Graduated from Cusco University, Mr. Mauro has been involved in several community welfare projects and philanthropic activities.

Henrry Chauca- Operations Manager

To begin the career in Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as an assistant guide in 1995  and to come this far and become the Operations Manager  of the reputed company like “Sunrise Peru Trek” is a significant achievement and Hennry has done it.
Born and brought up in the remote mountains of Cusco, hardworking OM of the company has experiences in every aspect of Cusco Tourism. He knows the trails of every trekking region of Cusco and Peru and he has ideas on every sort of problems that can encounter during the tours and treks to Machu Picchu. Simply the products designed by Mr. Henrry and the level of services catered under the leadership of Hennry Chauca are exceptionally flawless.

He is not only the successful tourism entrepreneur; he also has heart to serve the communities lying in the remote and underprivileged communities. He believes that these marginalized communities of far flung Cusco can enjoy prosperity through tourism.

Our Team

“Sunrise Peru Trek” vast resources include extensive research capabilities coupled with staff members who posse’s rich experience in travel management methodology and techniques. With over 15 highly dedicated, experienced and multilingual travel experts, we provide an enormous knowledge base of our destinations with a passion for travel that shows. Our employees receive constant updating of skills to ensure that you are receiving the best service available.

Our History

Open your eyes to the new world, “Sunrise Peru Trek” provides you the best view!
Owner and tour planner of this company Mr. Mauro has leaded many trips very effectively and also worked for British, Canadian, Swedish, and Dutch companies as a tour leader. He is a founder & back-bone of this company and is always with new ideas. He has twenty one years of experience in tourism in Peru & he is a multi-lingual. He says let people know what we do and how much we charge because it’s their money and their right to know. “Sunrise Peru Trek” is the only company transparent about their margins with the clients.

Take care of your Classic Inca Trail Guide and porters!

When you are trekking one of the Classic treks to Machu Picchu, please make absolutely sure that your porters and guides are well equipped. If they are independent they might say that they don’t need good shoes or warm jackets, as will maybe tell the agency. I have seen porters in the very cold, whose equipment was a shaming and till nowadays porters die because of lack of warm equipment.
Please be aware, that it is an egoistic reason to have a well-equipped porter. You need him in case of problems. If he’s in trouble, this means that you are double in trouble!.