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Why Personal Porter for the Inca Trail?

The personal porter is to help you to carry your personal belongings during the Inca Trail; this option allows you to walk with your small bag pack and enjoy more the scenery. It’s recommendable if you are an inexperienced trekker in the high altitudes, where the body needs more oxygen than normal.
If you hire a personal porter, we’ll provide a duffel bag the night before the trek during the briefing time, in this duffel bag you’ll pack your personal belongings that you won’t use during the hiking day like: your sleeping bag, roll mattress, a change of clothes, etc. Because the porter will walk directly to the camp; it means that you’ll have access to your duffel bag only in the campsites.

The extra porter or Personal porter is organized by SUNRISE PERU TREK, he (The porter) is the responsible to carry your duffel bag from the beginning until the town of Aguas Calientes and from here you’ll take it on the train and return to Cusco.

Why Personal Porter for the Inca Trail?

We offer the options of half porter and one porter; we recommended a half porter per each trekker since you only need few things in your duffel bag. The total weight for the duffel if you hire a half porter cannot exceed 7kg/14lbs. Your sleeping bag and if you have an air matt need to be included among this weight, they are a combined 3kg, leaving 4 kg for your other things – we promise this is enough.

We do recommend that you pack all your belongings in larger plastic bags to help organize yourself – makes it easier to find things. It also ensures that your belongings stay dry in case of rain. This is very important to note actually. The duffels are NOT waterproof and the larger bags are placed inside for our porters to wear only water resistant. To ensure that your belongings are dry, please make sure to pack them in larger plastic bags. If you forget, ask the office for some. Also, bring some extra bags for your dirty clothes or if your things are wet – it’s very hard to dry things in the mountains.

In the payment is included the permits, the entrance fees to the Inca Trail, his remuneration, food and his transportation. Why Personal Porter for the Inca Trail

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