Hike to Machupicchu with Official Inca Trail Tour Operator

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Hike to Machupicchu with Official Inca Trail Tour Operator
A wonderful route full of history; Nature & Adventure; the trekking ends in the lost city of Machupicchu
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The Best Trekking in the orld
Hiking the Inca Trail is an experience which should inspire excitement, invoke a little bit of fear, stoke jealousy amongst your friends, and stir a sense of wander in your soul.
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The Inca Trail is the best trekking destination in Peru
Experience the 45 km. of picturesque trail through the Andes and the cloud forest
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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: We are Official Inca Trail Tour operator

Inca Trail Tour Operator is certificated travel agency for TOURS & TREKS to Machu Picchu. The most famous tourist destinations in the world

Have you ever trekked in Peru? If you haven’t done it, then you are seriously missing! Not only is it a great adventure, but it is also an unforgettable experience. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu presents breathtaking wonders. From mountain landscapes; mysterious Inca settlements to rich cultural ethics, trekking to Machu Picchu is truly a marvelous feat. Visiting beautiful Inca palaces and temples stopping at the viewpoint and seeing the great biodiversity. Take a walk on winding paths that cross several high passes the higest of wich reach up to 4,200masl. Trekking The Inca Trail is a wonder that is undeniably impressive!

Inca Trail Tour Operator is the world’s largest marketplace for adventure activities to Machu Picchu in Peru; It is highly experienced company for Inca Trail Tours to Machu Picchu; therefore in this website we are providing important information on the most frequently asked questions by  Trekkers; as well we are providing links to useful guidance articles within the site.

The “Inca Trail Tour Operator” website, is managed by “Sunrise Peru Trek”; a reputed rising Inca Trail and adventure trekking company based in the capital of the Incas – Cusco;  providing exciting holiday destinations to all type of visitors in the region of Cusco and all over Peru. So, we are local  Inca Trail Tour Operator, organizing excellent Trekking packages in the popular and unique destinations of Machu Picchu.

Our aim is to provide free and inspiring advice to help you prepare for an amazing experience; on short Inca Trail, Classic Inca Trail and other trips in Peru. By the detailed Trekking website, “SUNRISE PERU TREK” hopes to provide prospect trekkers with a comprehensive guide; that contains accurate and valuable information to increase the chance of Inca Trail Trekking to Machu Pichu. In addition this website will provide you detailed trekking itineraries, Trekking maps; useful hyperlink; and stunning pictures.

Our Best Selling Inca Trail Tour

Are you looking for an adventure trip of a lifetime? You have come to the right place!

Not sure which Inca Trail Hike to choose? The Classic 4-Days Inca Trail Trek is our most popular package, the tour takes you to the lost city Machu Picchu. But the Trip is exciting! Hike through Andes and cloud forest, exploring mysterious Inca ruins, walk alongside rivers and crystal-clear lakes, all that while enjoying a luxury camping experience in our top-quality tents.

4- days Escorted Trekking

Professional Guides

Excellent food

Machu Picchu Ticket

Trekking Porters

Train Ticket


US$ 615

The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most famous treks in Peru and is without a doubt the best trekking destination where you’ll discover the original Inca trail and mysterious Inca settlements.

This hike takes you through many different types of landscapes. You will have the best opportunity to see the typical Andean landscape up to the snowy mountains, the tropical forests and finally even venture into the Cloud forest. So, if you are thinking of on trekking…

11km of Distance
Day 2
12km of Distance
17km of Distance
Explore Machupicchu

Main highlights of classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Trail details / Inca Trail permit availability details

Classic Inca Trail Video

Experience the Best Inca Trail Treks to Machu Picchu in Peru


It’s a day trek to Machupicchu, where all trekkers must hike with a licensed Travel agency; the capacity is 250 people per day
US$ 450


Wonderful trekking that leads you to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu; it’s probably the most interesting and beautiful treks in the world
US$ 615


It's the most handsome and most fascinating trek to Machupicchu in Peru; this trek is spectacular and offers some magnificent views...
US$ 820


It's a magnificent trip that combines awesome views, culture, and ancient Inca settlements; it is perfect for those looking to...
US$ 850


A great trip offering cultural insights such as ancient and colonial architecture, Inca temples, local villages, hike the Classic Inca Trail
US$ 1,280


The most popular Tour package in Peru. It offers an experience of the breathtaking landscape of the southern part of Peru. Cusco and Amazon Jungle
US$ 1,580

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